Under California law, you may face two financial issues involving your children and/or your current or former significant other. The first issue may be child support, which the California Courts will issue a mandatory guideline amount for the care of the minor child(ren). This area of law can often times be confusing, especially when one party has an irregular income. Contact Aguilar Justice Center, P.C. today at (209) 436-8593 so to set up an appointment on how we can assist you in your child support case. 

The second issue you may face is spousal support, or more commonly referred to as alimony. The laws in California are very nuanced in the area of spousal support. The Court will examine factors such as the marital standard of living, the earning potential of the parties, assets and liabilities, and a plethora of other factors. If you have questions as to what you are entitled to or what your liability may be, contact Aguilar Justice Center, P.C. at (209) 436-8593 to see how we may best serve you and your needs.


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